July and August of 2016 were an absolute highlight for me.

I spent it in PARIS! It was truly a wonderful experience being part of the Cite – an international art residency programme. I spent my time, sketching, walking, cycling, visiting galleries and markets and relaxing along the beautiful Seine in the height of summer. Two of my dearest friends and fellow artists were able to spend a few weeks in Paris at the Cite as well, and that really made the time very special. Paris is truly a magical city, filled with amazing art and architecture, music, dancing and a wide variety of really interesting people. Most days I gave some dedicated time to sketching, painting and writing and then most afternoons and evenings were spent exploring, visiting galleries and picnicking along the banks of the Seine while people danced, played music and made the most out of this incredibly romantic city.

Additionally, I was thrilled to have been invited by Francis van der Riet, to visit Atelier Grand Village to have a look-see at the process of stone lithography. I loved it and produced two stone lithographs and we were even able to print a few editions of each.

What Paris did for me was to confirm for me that I needed to change direction in my work and to stretch myself to learn something new but most especially to follow my yearning for figure drawing and adding a figurative element in my work. I was inspired by the great masters of art from Europe who did not use only one discipline of art, but instead were proficient in many mediums including sculpture, printing, drawing and painting in various mediums. I knew I needed to up my game. I have been hungry for change and Paris was the catalyst to push me to pursue it earnestly.

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