#696 Approaching Rhodes


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A workers living quarters isolated on the side of a hill, sits quietly watching the few travelers coming past her on their way into Rhodes.

About Rhodes

Rhodes is located in the Eastern Cape Highlands, near the escarpment in the southernmost end of the mighty Drakensberg mountain range in the magisterial district of Barkly East. It is 1,832 m above sealevel and is 16 km due south of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The village is surrounded by the towns of Maclear, Ugie and Elliot below the escarpment and Barkly East above this barrier. It is 60 km or 60-plus minutes drive from Barkly East, which is the closest town, on a poorly maintained gravel road which is narrow, winding and must be driven with care.

Between 24 June 1901 and 7 February 1902, the village was invaded no less than 29 times during the Second Boer war.