#642 Puma Tanker


Sold. Private Collection

PRINTS ON PAPER; Edition sizes

40cm x 14cm

80cm x 28cm

PRINTS ON CANVAS; Edition sizes

80cm x 28cm

160cm x 56cm

Donna’s love of architecture and light, brought her attention to the large sea faring vessels which work the seas and oceans. They attracted her in the same way the lonely farms of the Karoo attracted her, displaying isolated communities going about their daily lives.

About Working Vessels

A tanker (or tank ship or tankship) is a merchant vessel designed to transport liquids or gases in bulk. Donna was inspired to paint vessels after her many visits to Singapore. Flying into Singapore, the oil trading hub for the world’s biggest consumer region, Asia, one sees the waters off Singapore’s coast or the nearby Malaysian waters full of idle tankers and ocean barges, like a floating city these vessels fill the landscape.

About Prints on Canvas

Many of Donna’s artworks are offered as fine art digital prints, which have been skilfully photographed and printed on large format inkjet printers. These prints are limited edition and numbered bottom left and signed bottom right. They are printed on the highest quality canvasses. The printing process has employed fade resistant, HP Vivera archival inks, which boast a 100+ year fade-proof promise.

These artist prints are offered in varying sizes. Also the prints on canvas can be provided stretched over a wooden frame or rolled in a core for easy shipping. Lastly, each canvas print is treated with a high quality scratch resistant matt art sealant.