Two years ago, my good friend Marlene Winberg, approached me with the idea of creating a limited edition, handmade art book of my work. I readily agreed that it was a great idea and we began the process. Its been a long and exciting road creating this beautiful book, an artwork in itself. I am proud to present it to you now.

It is presented with a limited edition print, elegantly wrapped and a beautiful presentation box. For more information or for enquiries contact Manzart or myself.

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Here is Marlene’s foreword from the book.

The idea for this book was born during Donna McKellar’s 2015 solo exhibition at The Studio in Kalk Bay. I had for some years been watching Donna at her easel, painting her visions of the South African landscape and seascape at her doorstep in Kalk Bay. In the silent language of painting, Donna’s eloquent vocabulary surfaces delicately in textured, sensitive whispers, notes and tones, yet grounded in articulate beats and shadows that define her subject, supporting the blurred membrane between realism and abstraction. She defines the syntax of her brush in this way: “Learning how to paint is like learning another language. We paint because we want to say something through our art, convey a message, a thought or a feeling. To learn the language of art one has to acquire some vocabulary, such as composition, balance, drawing, colour theory, tones and hues. These are the building

blocks of my art. But it is not enough just to know words. How does one string together those words to make a good sentence, a paragraph, or a poem? How do you get the accent right? How does one hold and arrange the words to convey the feeling and atmo- sphere of your vision?”

Donna’s work asked for a documentary book that would convey this language and I set about making it with her. Donna McKellar is the result of our cooperation.

Marlene Sullivan Winberg Cape Town