Hosted at The Studio Gallery in Simonstown’s Harbour Bay Centre this is an exhibition themed around distance and longing. I view landscapes as mirrors of humanity. They often tell stories if we care to wait and look and listen. An isolated farm can seem lonely and desolate, but it can also show resilience, strength, hope and tenacity. A long and winding road, can seem uninviting yet travelling down these roads the viewer is drawn in to wonder about families and communities that survive and thrive off the land.  I hope the viewers of these works can feel a bit of deja vu, a sense of having been to these locations, driven down the roads, felt the dusty warm air around your neck and on your face.  Feel the peace and tranquility I experience in these landscapes and the longing of every person for a place to feel at home.

Thank you to my clients, family and friends for the constant support and encouragement. I truly value it. A special thanks to Marc and Lindy Alexander, the curators and owners of The Studio Gallery, for their hard work, encouragement and belief in my work.

West Coast Windmill 859 Rhodes Barn 851 The Conversation 861 Distant Storm 864 Finding Moments 858 In A New Light 618 Hout Bay 860


Mcgregor 868 Jennifers River 867 Karoo Gates 865