756Maitland Railway Works #756 2016

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#756 Wheelbarrow and Warehouse

120 x 160cm

Oil on Canvas

This industrial and gritty scene in Maitland, is surprisingly quiet, giving one a sense it is a deserted warehouse, yet there are very evident signs that is is still used and operational. The wheelbarrow sits to one side of the doorway  waiting for it load and bearer. The acquired dust and grime collects on windows and doorways giving us more evidence of it being a well used space.

About Maitland

Maitland is a suburb in Cape Town, South Africa. It is situated along a number of important transport networks connecting the Cape Town city bowl to the rest of the city. The most important being the railway line that runs through the middle of the suburb and the N1 that is situated on its northern boundary. The area has always been an important transport hub for the city. In 1845 one of the first roads from Stellenbosch through the Maitland area was completed.[3] This effectively connected Cape Town to the rest of Africa as at the time the dunes of the Cape Flats prevented much traffic between the two locations.